Trampoline warm-ups

Warm-ups are especially important for trampolining due to the large ranges of movement and technical aspects of the sport. When I teach about warm-ups I always like to have people think about their reason for doing the warm-up and are they achieving that outcome in the current warm-up? If you stop and think about it now, what would you answer? When you know why you are doing a warm-up you will focus better on it. And you will know when you are sufficiently warmed-up because you know what to judge by. Let's get to the details of the why and the how.

Strength training for trampolining

Strength is essential in trampolining for crisp movements especially when in piked and straight positions. Clean entry and exit of movements is not only good for points but also helps in setting you up for the next difficulty levels of moves. In the more complex moves there is simply no time to waste with sluggish movements. Have you ever considered that strength might be your current limiting factor? So many people just go and practice technique without considering the strength.

Trampoline flexibility training

Trampoline moves are essentially dynamic but also comprise a certain amount of static flexibility at times for instance in piked somersaults. The distinction is quite a fine cut however becuase positions are never held for long. The point of this article is primarily to encourage trampolinists to focus more on dynamic flexibility and "static active" flexibility if they are not already. Sadly, many trampolinists at lower levels who jump for fun often do not even work on their flexibility at all (which can pose serious problems for technique and injury) and it's not uncommon to find trampolinists of higher grades focusing primarily on static passive flexibility for their flexibility training.

Learning new trampolining skills

Learning new trampolining skills is a big part of most trampolinists training. Here are a few of my favourite tips for helping your learning. Think about these and try applying some of them.